Duck Salad with Sesame & Hoisin Dressing


Saturday saw the addition of this little madam…

Holly.  Between a round trip to North Somerset and an afternoon broadly based around her bathroom breaks, Saturday evening had takeaway written all over it.  With our regular Chinese place closed for a refurb we had the slightly high risk strategy of trying somewhere new nearby, but found an absolute gem – For or anyone in South West London, Taiwan Village in Fulham is definitely worth a try.  I can’t vouch for the restaurant experience as we had takeaway, but the food was amazing – a mix of Taiwanese, Hunan and Szechuan.  It turns out the head chef, Mr Huang, previously worked at Hunan in Pimlico (save it for a treat and when you are incredibly hungry, but it is an 18 course tasting menu that is out of this world…)  ANYWAY I digress.  We had some leftover crispy duck and sauce which we had as part of a salad the next day – Incredibly easy (mostly involving making the salad dressing) and the duck has so much flavour you really don’t need a lot to make lunch for two.  Pretty speedy leftover transformation.  S

Ingredients (serves 2, with leftover dressing):

A handful of leftover duck (or a slow cooked piece you do from scratch)
Sliced cucumber and spring onion plus 1/2 chopped spring onion for the dressing
40ml rapeseed oil
1 tbsp rice vinegar
1.5tbsp hoisin sauce
1.5 tsp sesame oil
1.5 tsp toasted sesame seeds (5 mins in a frying pan until lightly coloured)
1 large bag of salad


Step one: Whisk together the rapeseed oil (40ml), rice vinegar (1 tbsp), hoisin sauce (1.5tbsp), sesame oil (1.5tsp), spring onion (half a stick, finely chopped) and sesame seeds (1.5tsp, minus a pinch held back for sprinkling)



Step two: Toss the salad in enough dressing to lightly coat, place the shredded cucumber and spring onion on top

Step three: Take a spoonful of dressing and toss the duck to coat using your hands.  Place the duck on top of the salad and  scatter over the remaining sesame seeds.


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